Police raids in Daventry after series of burglaries

Police are appealing for witnesses
Police are appealing for witnesses

Officers raided addresses in Daventry on Christmas Eve, including unwrapping and searching presents.

Following a series of more than 10 burglaries in Daventry in the run up to Christmas, a team of 22 officers carried out five warrants early on the morning of Christmas Eve at addresses across the town.

At 6am, five addresses were entered and searched simultaneously - this has included the unwrapping of Christmas gifts to check they were not stolen property.

Six people were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to burgle and a number of items recovered. As part of the operation, letters have been delivered to the householders at the suspects’ addresses, to burglary victims and local residents.

District Sergeant, Sam Dobbs, said: “Our new year resolution is to keep the pressure on those who shamelessly steal and burgle.

“We want it to be a happy new year for Daventry’s residents. My heart goes out to people who have had valuable and highly sentimental jewellery stolen, and I appeal to the conscience of Daventry folk to tell us if they hear of jewellery being sold cheaply.

“Often the sentimental value far outweighs the monetary value and the insulting amounts for which such stolen property is exchanged on the black market.

“We will focus on the handlers as much as the burglars because without handlers, there would be no market for thieves.”