Police chief reveals first budget details

Adam Simmonds
Adam Simmonds

The new Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner has revealed plans to create the first reservist force in England.

Adam Simmonds, who has spent the past nine weeks since he was elected putting together his budget and policing plan for 2013-14, also revealed he had frozen the council tax precept for Northamptonshire Police.

Wootton Hall will have a budget of £123 million in the financial year from April, a slight increase on this year.

The plans for a reservist force have never been tried anywhere in mainland Britain, although there is such a system running in Northern Ireland.

Police Commissioner Simmonds also revealed more details about his so-called drugs eradication policy, which forms one of the key policy planks of his new administration.

Mr Simmonds said: “I will not increase the council tax precept, the amount a commissioner can raise from local taxes.

“I cannot expect hard pressed families to pay more at this time,” Mr Simmonds added.

“Despite that, the budget will mean there will be no fewer police officers in Northamptonshire. The current numbers of officers will remain at 1,220.

“Police budget funding of police community support officers will remain at the same level.”