Murderer jailed for 16 years for violent knife attack in Daventry

Errol Anglin.
Errol Anglin.

A man who stabbed his partner four times during a violent attack at her home has been jailed for life.

Errol Anglin, 50, was found guilty on Friday of murdering Christine Haye-Levy in Daventry on December 11, last year.

He was sentenced to life in prison at Northampton Crown Court. He must serve a minimum 16-and-a-half years in jail.

The jury at Northampton Crown Court returned a majority verdict and was sentenced by Judge Mayo.

Judge Mayo told Anglin: “It was a brief but violent attack in which you used a kitchen knife to inflict injury.

“She [Christine] carried no weapon and I am satisfied she did not use a glass to assault you.

“She decided to throw you out and this, in my judgement, was the trigger for your violence.

“She told you ‘I want you out’ and this was what made this argument more significant than those witnessed by your neighbours over the years.”

Christine Haye-Levy, 36, died from stab wounds on the pavement of Grenville Close on the Southbrook estate.

During the trial Anglin told the jury how an argument had erupted over the cost of electricity and the television remote at Ms Haye-Levy’s home in Jervis Close.

Anglin said that during the argument he picked up what he thought was a wooden spoon but was in fact a kitchen knife and the pair slipped on a rug, causing Ms Haye-Levy to impale herself on the knife.

However, the prosecution described Anglin’s version of events as ‘nonsense’. A forensic pathologist told the court he believed Ms Haye-Levy had received four separate injuries, to the face, collar bone, left breast and forearm - described as consistent with defensive injuries. The wound to the collar bone created a 12cm track to her right lung.

Judge Mayo said he accepted Anglin showed genuine remorse but said he did intend to cause serious harm.

He said: “You have taken away a person who was much admired and is now deeply missed.”