Murder trial: Man ‘mistook knife for wooden spoon’

GV - Jervis Close, Daventry.
GV - Jervis Close, Daventry.
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A man accused of murdering a woman from Daventry told police he mistook a wooden spoon for a knife on the night of her death, a jury heard on Wednesday.

The trial of Errol Anglin, 50, charged with the murder of Christine Haye-Levy on December 11, 2012 started on Monday at Northampton Crown Court but was restarted three times.

The trial restarted againon Wednesday after the jury were discharged twice and one juror was replaced following a collapse.

Prosecuting, Matthew Lowe, told the court it was the prosecution’s view Ms Haye-Levy, 36, died on the pavement of Grenville Close in Daventry after sustaining multiple stab wounds at her home in Jervis Close and escaping through a dining room window.

He said: “It is the prosecutions case that during the course of an argument between the pair Mr Anglin armed himself with a kitchen knife and repeatedly stabbed Christine Haye-Levy.

“This resulted in multiple injuries including a stab wound just below her collar bone creating a 12cm track downwards and into her right lung. This is likely to be the primary cause of her death.”

The court heard that Anglin and Ms Haye-Levy had been in a relationship for seven years in which time they had lived in Long Buckby as well as Daventry.

Mr Lowe said: “The relationship between them was far from straight forward and was characterised by fierce arguments between them.

“On various occasions Ms Haye-Levy has reported to others, including her GP, allegations of domestic violence.”

Mr Lowe told the jury he anticipated they would hear how Mr Anglin mistook a wooden spoon for a knife and it may be raised that he was acting in self defence.

He said: “In an interview with police following his arrest Mr Anglin said Ms Haye-Levy has struck him with a glass wrapped in a blanket.

“He said she chased him to the hallway where the pair slipped on a lose rug. He said the first he knew of the stabbing was when she said ‘you’ve stabbed me you fool.”

Mr Lowe added: “The prosecution say he offers no reasonable explanation as to Ms Haye-Levy’s injuries.”

Anglin denies murder.

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