Murder trial day three: Accused says partner was violent and used to threaten him

Northampton Crown Court
Northampton Crown Court
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A man accused of murdering his partner today told a jury at Northampton Crown Court she was violent and used to threaten him.

Erroll Anglin, 50, who denies the murder of Christine Haye-Levy, 36, in Daventry on December 11, 2012, said he was trying to defend himself on the night of her death.

On the first day of the trial the court heard from the prosecution whose case is that Anglin stabbed Ms Haye-Levy with a kitchen knife during an argument at their home on Jervis Close in Daventry. Mr Lowe, prosecuting, told the jury Ms Haye-Levy escaped from her home through a dining room window and died on Grenville close after sustaining multiple stab wounds, one of which punctured her right lung.

Today the court heard a transcript of the interview given by Mr Anglin shortly after his arrest on December 11. He told police how an argument had broken out between himself and Ms Haye-Levy about the cost of electricity after he put on a CD.

He continued to tell police how Ms Haye-Levy struck him with a glass wrapped in a blanket and chased him around the house.

He said: “I ran in the kitchen with no intention to grab a knife, I ran trying to get away from her.

“The Christmas lights alone were on in the kitchen so when I grabbed these things I thought it was a wooden spoon.

He added: “I was trying to defend myself, I wanted her to stay away but she didn’t stay she came right up into it.”

Mr Anglin told police how he and Ms Haye-Levy slipped on a rug in the hallway and some of her injuries were sustained while the pair were on the floor.

He added: “That happened quick, quick, quick and I got frightened, I didn’t mean for it to happen.”

He said he did not know how many times the knife had injured Ms Haye-Levy.

In his evidence Mr Anglin later told the jury Ms Haye-Levy used to threaten to call the police and report him for living illegally in the country.

Mr Anglin moved to the UK from Jamaica but has been living illegally since around 2001.

He said : “When ever we had an argument she knew I wasn’t legal here and she said she would call the police.”

Mr Angin said in the interview that Ms Haye-Levy had hit him several times before and she was yelling and aggressive on the night of her death.

He said: “I said I know I’m not legal here and she used that against me, I couldn’t go out and say to no one that she is beating me up.”

The case continues on Monday when Mr Anglin is due to continue his evidence.