Motorists caught out by police sting

More than 120 drivers were caught out by police and fire officers in Daventry in a one-day operation to tackle crime and improve road safety.

Taking place on Saturday ‘Operation Courage’ saw officers aiming to tackle speeding drivers, people not wearing seatbelts and criminals using the roads.

Officers from Northamptonshire Police caught 30 drivers speeding on Eastern Way, Ashby Road, Thames Road and Christchurch Drive.

Police officers also had a strong presence in the town centre. Another 70 drivers were stopped in New Street and Eastern Way, many of whom were not wearing seatbelts or had not made sure their children were strapped in.

A further 25 were warned against using Lodge Road, which is a pedestrian zone with only buses and taxis allowed down the full length of the road, following complaints by local councillors .

Penalty notices were issued to some drivers, but police refrained from taking action in the majority of cases.

Sergeant Sam Dobbs said: “Social media has been very active and we received loads of positive support from the public.

“While we stopped more than 100 motorists, the majority have escaped formal police action and we hope they will learn from the informal advice given to them so we can continue to keep Daventry’s roads and community safe.”

Sergeant Sally Trattle said: “Daventry’s day-to-day policing has been boosted on a busy summer day by officers from across the force and colleagues from partner agencies.

“This was something of a trial, but with the encouraging feedback from our staff and the public it is something we will look to repeat here and in other towns across the county.

“I’m grateful for the enthusiasm and flexibility shown by the police and officers who have worked so well together.”