Man attacked court witness outside Daventry food store

Crown Court
Crown Court

A man who attacked a witness in a court case in the car park of a Daventry shop was given a 30 month jail term.

Charles Dickie, 27, appeared at Northampton Crown Court yesterday (Friday) from remand prison to be sentenced for attacking in Daventry a witness from a previous court case where he was a defendant.

The court was told that in September 2014 Dickie was convicted in court and the victim was one of the witnesses who gave evidence.

Some days after his conviction Dickie ran into the witness outside the Co-op in Ashby Road, Daventry.

The court heard that despite the victim trying to avoid seeing him in the car park, Dickie noticed him and said “Why did you go to court? I told you not to take it to court.”

In an act described by his own defence barrister as ‘brazen thuggery’ Dickie then threw the victim over the bonnet of a car just outside the doors of the shop. He told the victim to show him his wallet otherwise Dickie would take the victim’s van.

Dickie took a £5 note that fell to the floor, and a £20 from inside the wallet.

Dickie, who had yet to be sentenced for the first case involving the victim as a witness, then said: “When I get out of prison I’m coming for you.

“You are first on my list – I’m going to kill you.”

The court was told the victim had a genuine fear of Dickie, and that even if Dickie did not intend to kill him he feared what might happen.

Judge Rupert Mayo told Dickie: “This was an act of revenge on the victim.

“Going to court was something he was quite entitled to do, and I suspect was asked there as a witness by the police.

“When people have the courage to go to court, whether you like the result or not, you cannot take revenge.”

Judge Mayo sentenced Dickie to a total of 30 months in jail, of which he would normally expect to serve half in prison and the rest released on licence. However, as he had already been held on remand for 17 months, he walked out of the court room on licence.