Magistrates court sentences for offenders from Northampton, Daventry, Moulton and Hartwell

Punishments include suspended sentences, driving bans, fines and unpaid work

■ These cases were heard by Northamptonshire magistrates on June 10

Jacob Michael Munnelly, aged 20, of Raeburn Road, Kingsley, possession of a quantity of cannabis; fined £40, pay a surcharge to fund victim services of £34, pay costs of £85 to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Megan Bates, aged 18, of Bunting Road, Northampton, criminal damage to a TV, bedding and a bin value £200 at Ibis Hotel; fined £61, compensation £200, surcharge £34, costs £85.

Local magistrates hear hundreds of cases each week

Vincent Miguel Curran, aged 27, of Arthur Street, Northampton, used threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, resisted a constable, failed to comply with supervision requirements following release from prison; community order with six months probation, fined £50, surcharge £95, costs £85.

Joey Lincoln, aged 19, of St Albans Road, Northampton, possession of a knife; community order with 80 hours unpaid work, surcharge £95, costs £85.

Marian Ungureanu, aged 26, of Woolmonger Street, Northampton, drunk and disorderly, fined £116, surcharge £34, costs £85.

Alex James Williams, aged 31, of Saxon Heights, Brixworth, drug-driving; disqualified 36 months, fined £445, surcharge £45, costs £85.

Gheorghe Certan, aged 29, of Ellfield Court, Northampton, drink-driving; disqualified 18 months, fined £500, surcharge £50, costs £85.

■ The following cases were heard on June 11

Denis Neculai, aged 20, of Sandhurst Close, East Hunsbury, drug-driving; disqualified 12 months, fined £80, surcharge £34, costs £85.

Vasile Circeie, aged 34, of Somerset Street, Northampton, drink-driving; 24 weeks in prison suspended for 12 months, disqualified 36 months, surcharge £128, costs £85.

Marsha Eugenie Sharpe, aged 42, of Birchfield Crescent, Northampton, assault by beating; 12 months conditional discharge, surcharge £22, costs £85.

Mark Anthony Smith, aged 35, of St Michaels Road, Northampton, drunk and disorderly, fined £60, surcharge £34, costs £85.

Richard Williamson, aged 55, of Bristle Street, Northampton, breach of court order; fined £50, pay costs of £146 to Northamptonshire Police.

Barry Atkinson, aged 50, of West Oval, Northampton, three charges of using religiously-aggravated threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour, assaulted a police officer; community order, compensation of £300, surcharge £95.

Martin Richardson, aged 32, of Forest Road, Hartwell, drink-driving; community order with 100 hours unpaid work, disqualified 24 months, surcharge £95, costs £85.

Ibadul Alom, aged 21, of Norman Road, Northampton, taking a vehicle without consent; fined £133, surcharge £34, costs £300.

Joe William Walpole, aged 28, of Kingsley Road, Northampton, stole meat to the value of £45.50 from M&S, stole aftershave to the value of £39.90 from Abington, 12 months conditional discharge, pay compensation of £85.40, costs £85.

Florin Dumitru, aged 43, of Great Russell Street, Northampton, drove while disqualified, no insurance, speeding; eight weeks in prison suspended for 12 months, disqualified 12 months, surcharge £128, costs £85.

John Francis Conlan, aged 61, of Willow Rise, Little Billing, drove with no insurance; fined £183, surcharge £34, costs £90, six penalty points.

Owen Leonard James Martin, aged 21, of Arden Close, Daventry, speeding; fined £521, surcharge £52, costs £90, six penalty points.

Viktors Tovarnickis, aged 31, of Talbot Road, Northampton, speeding; disqualified 14 days, fined £184, surcharge £34, costs £90.

Andrew John King, aged 28, of Maxwell Crescent, Duston, speeding; fined £461, surcharge £46, costs £85, six penalty points.

Zaheer Uddin Babar, aged 55, of Russet Drive, Northampton, speeding; fined £133, surcharge £34, costs £90, three penalty points.

■ The following cases were heard on June 12

Richard Wilson, aged 55, of Lindsay Avenue, Northampton, no insurance; fined £550, surcharge £55, costs £85, six penalty points.

Andrei-Catalin Docea, aged 19, of Brookfield Road, Northampton, unsupervised provisional licence holder, defective tyre; fined £220, surcharge £34, costs £85, three penalty points.

James Liam Lloyd, aged 21, of Pound Lane, Moulton, drove without due care and attention, no insurance provisional licence holder no L plates, disqualified three months, fined £738, surcharge £34, costs £85.

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