Jail for pair after £57k theft of Lego

TWO men have been given a prison sentence for stealing £57,000 worth of Lego from a lorry at Watford Gap Services.

Andrew Mills, 27, from Oldham Road, London and Ben Barton, 22, of Prospect Hill, London, were jailed last week for three years and 10 months respectively after they stole the Lego on February 14.

Northampton Crown Court heard Mills instigated the raid, and paid Barton £200 to be his lookout.

Judge Richard Bray said: “This was a serious offence - the theft of £57,000 of goods from the back of a lorry, in the middle of the night. This is an all-too prevalent offence in this area. It is a planned, professional crime.”

On Mills, he added: “You were caught red-handed at the scene. You had the effrontery to carry out this offence, not on a quiet road, but at Watford Gap services.

“The matter is seriously aggravated by your record. You are a professional criminal.”