IN COURT: Who's been sentenced from Northampton, Daventry, Roade, Earls Barton and Hackleton

Offences dealt with by local magistrates include drunk while in charge of a child, homophobic behaviour and carrying an offensive weapon

By Court Reporter
Monday, 6th June 2022, 3:00 pm

■ These cases were heard by Northamptonshire magistrates on May 26

SIMONA BERGA, aged 25, of The Headlands, Northampton, drunk in a public place while having charge of a child; discharged conditionally for 12 months, surcharge to fund victim services £22, Crown Prosecution Service costs £85.

THOMAS KEITH WARWICK, aged 36, of Cedar Road East, Northampton, disclosed a private sexual photograph or film without consent; 16 weeks in prison, compensation of £500, costs £85.

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Northampton Magistrates' Court.

■ These cases were heard on May 27

LESLEY JANE GREGORY, aged 53, of Delta House, Northampton, homophobic motivated threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour, criminal damage to police property; discharged conditionally for 24 months, compensation of £178, surcharge £22, costs £85.

CHRISTOPHER JAMES TRILL, aged 41, of Elizabeth Road, Daventry, Northampton, possession of cocaine; fined £120, surcharge £34, costs £85.

DANIEL ANDREW CRUTCHLEY, aged 35, of Chalcombe Avenue, Kingsthorpe, failed to provide a specimen of breath, defective registration mark; fined £500, surcharge £50, costs £85, disqualified for two years.

VICTORIA CLARE HEPWORTH, aged 40, of Langsett Close, Northampton drink-driving; 80 hours unpaid work, surcharge £95, costs £85, disqualified for two years.

DANIEL BROWN, aged 66, of The Crescent, Hackleton, drink-driving; fined £276, surcharge £34, costs £85, disqualified for 17 months.

ROCKY MICHAEL CURLEY, aged 34, of Golding Crescent, Earls Barton, drunk in charge of a motor vehicle; fined £320, surcharge £34, costs £85, ten points.

KENNY EDWARD WILLIAMS, aged 31, of Thorn Hill, Northampton, possession of cannabis, committed an offence while on a suspended sentence; fined £384, surcharge £38, costs £85.

CAROLINE LUCY HARPER, aged 44, of King Edward Road, Northampton, no insurance; fined £813, surcharge £81, costs £85, six points.

SHEER AHMAD, aged 20, of Stimpson Avenue, Northampton, carrying an offensive weapon, four months in prison suspended for 18 months, 150 hours unpaid work, surcharge £128.

VICTOR-DOREL ALDEA, aged 35, of Guildhall Road, Northampton, drove while using a mobile phone; fined £220, surcharge £34, disqualified for six months.

MOHAMMED FURQAN AMIR, aged 22, of Wheatfield Road, Northampton, drove without due care and attention; fined £200, surcharge £34, costs £90, disqualified for six months.

AARON PAUL BECK, aged 36, of Bretts Lane, Roade, speeding; fined £440, surcharge £44, costs £90, disqualified for six months due to repeat offending.

LAUREN JANE SPENCER, aged 29, no insurance; fined £660, surcharge £66, costs £90, disqualified for six months.

JOHN JOSEPH FLYNN, aged 36, of Cambridge Street, Northampton, failed to give information identifying a driver suspected of an offence; fined £412, surcharge £41, costs £90, disqualified for six months.

■ These cases were heard on May 28

ASHLEY EDMUND BULL, aged 46, of Joshua Square, Northampton, failed to comply with a community order; fined £50, costs £60.

ABUL HASNATH, aged 38, of East Oval, Northampton, driving while disqualified, no insurance; 230 hours unpaid work, surcharge £95, costs £85, disqualified for 40 months.

JOHN RUSSELL, aged 23, of Kingsley Road, Northampton, failed to comply with supervision requirements following release from prison; fined £80, costs £60.

■ We understand that some people may be angry or upset to see their name and address published here but covering court cases acts as a deterrent against crime and it is important that justice is being seen to be done.

Under English Law, it is a general principle that criminal court proceedings for adults should be held openly and in public. Verdicts and sentences are normally given out in open court and so are in the public domain. Newspapers such as ours therefore have the right to publish outcomes of all such criminal court cases.

Addresses included here are provided by Northamptonshire Magistrates' Court Service and are those given by the defendant. They are only withheld when there is a court order in place. Any queries in relation to the addresses should be directed to the court service.

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