IN COURT: Who's been sentenced from Northampton, Daventry and Towcester

Punishments range from four weeks in jail to an £80 fine

Sunday, 9th May 2021, 6:35 am

■ The following cases were heard on April 29

James Christopher Dunkley, aged 53, of Blisworth Close, Northampton, possession of class B drug — cannabis; fined £80, pay a surcharge to fund victim services £34.

Paul Michael Philip Harris, aged 44, of Clarke Road, Northampton, burglary; 12 weeks in prison suspended for 12 months, supervision order, compensation £175, surcharge £128, pay costs of £85 to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Local magistrates deal with hundreds of cases each week

Alexandru Radu, aged 31, of Kingsley Road, Northampton, drink-driving; community order with unpaid work, disqualified 36 months, surcharge £95, costs £85,

Alexandru Radu, aged 31, of Kingsley Road, Northampton, assault by beating; fined £100.00.

Andrew Gavin, aged 51, of Pether Avenue, Brackley, drink-driving; disqualified 18 months, fined £419, surcharge £42, costs £85.

Darren Robert Brown, aged 47, of Moat Lane, Towcester, drink-driving; disqualified 12 months, fined £507, surcharge £51, costs £85.

Alexandru Berzan, aged 42, of Perry Street, Northampton,drink-driving; disqualified 20 months, fined £600, surcharge £60, costs £85.

Rebecca Seaton, aged 39, of Bective Close, Northampton, drink-driving; community order, disqualified 26 months, surcharge £95, costs £85.

Barry John Sheehan, aged 42, of Abington Avenue, Northampton, threatening phone call to Northamptonshire Police; community order, surcharge £95, costs £85.

Barry John Sheehan, aged 42, of Abington Avenue, Northampton, stole £110 of Yale locks from Wickes; community order, costs £85.

Michael David Gibbs, aged 45, of Bridge Street, Northampton, failed to provide a specimen of breath, used threatening or abusive words; 16 weeks in prison suspended for 18 months, community order with 80 hours unpaid work, disqualified 32 months, surcharge £128, costs £85.

The following cases were heard on April 30

Samuel Golder, aged 20, of Edgehill Drive, Daventry, application for the continued detention of seized cash, namely £3,400.00, suspecting it is property obtained through unlawful conduct intended for use in unlawful conduct; order made that cash seized be further detained for three months.

Jayme Moyle, aged 18, of Auckland Close, Kingsthorpe, failed to comply with a community order; new and varied requirements made, costs £60.00.

Kelly Louise Wellburn, aged 28, of Glebe Road, Northampton, drink-driving; disqualified 20 weeks, fined £150, surcharge £34, costs £85.

■ The following case was heard on May 1

Jessica Elizabeth Malpas, aged 31, of Northampton, possession of a kitchen knife; four weeks in prison, surcharge £128.00.

■ We understand that some people may be angry or upset to see their name published here but covering court cases acts as a deterrent against crime and it is important that justice is being seen to be done.

Under English Law, it is a general principle that criminal court proceedings for adults should be held openly and in public. Verdicts and sentences are normally given out in open court and so are in the public domain. Newspapers such as ours therefore have the right to publish outcomes of all such criminal court cases.

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