Gang of around 75-100 people gathered on playing field in Daventry anticipating a fight

The Fishponds area
The Fishponds area

A crowd of around 75 to 100 people gathered for a fight on a Daventry estate...while just up the road a community meeting was taking place to discuss crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.

The people gathered on the Fishponds playing field on the Southbrook estate on Wednesday between 8pm and 9pm.

Police believe some of them had arranged a fight while the rest turned up to watch.

On arrival, police officers say they found around 75 to 100 youths in the vicinity for what appears to have been an organised fight allegedly to settle issues over a previous incident outside the town and county.

At the same time as the incident residents of the estate were meeting to discuss crime and antisocial behaviour on the estate, { including a spate of tyre slashings|}.

Youths from outside Daventry were in attendance but left soon after police arrived.

Those from Daventry appeared to be a smaller group of participants – armed with golf clubs – and a large group of onlookers. They left an hour or so later.

Officers say a number of individuals well-known to local officers were identified and spoken to by officers.

Sam Dobbs, district sergeant for Daventry, said: “We’re working hard to protect people from harm by reducing violence, and it’s clear that our presence last night defused what was clearly an arranged event with no other objective than to injure or inflict harm on people.

“It’s ironic that at the same time, we were meeting community representatives about crime and antisocial behaviour on the Southbrook Estate.

“Arranging such violence in advance is despicable as well as reckless.

“Equally idiotic was the attitude of those who saw fit to turn out, watch and egg on.

“One punch can cost a life. Add a golf club to the mix, and you walk one step closer to murder. Add the fact that the fight was organised and you can increase the court sentence extensively.”

Anyone who has information about this planned fight or any crime of violence is asked to contact the local police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, quoting incident 623 of 20 July 2016.