Fifteen alleged lockdown breachers from towns including Corby, Northampton and Irthlingborough to appear in court this morning

They include one Polish man who is accused of failing to self-isolate on his return to the UK

Monday, 19th April 2021, 5:02 pm
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Three men from Corby charged with breaking Covid regulations are among fifteen set to appear in court today (Friday, April 9)

The cases, which are not linked, will be heard by Northampton Magistrates' Court and all relate to the time in or around the second 'circuit breaker' lockdown in November last year.

Tougher regulations - which ultimately did not stop the rapid growth of new Covid variants - were introduced by the Government for four weeks from November 5 after several months of looser rules.

Now, those accused of not obeying the regulations during that lockdown are appearing in court for the first time.

Brandon Tierney, 18, of Waver Close, Corby, is accused of leaving his home address without good cause on November 13.

Robert Wokcik, 42, of Gunthorpe Place, Corby, is charged with returning to Corby from Poland on November 5 and failing to self-isolate.

And Nicolae-Florin Prodan, 36, of High Street in Corby Old Village is said to have failed to restrict access to property he owned contrary to the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations 2020 on November 22.

There are also twelve other people from other areas who will appear this morning including Terry Rideout, 53, from St Leonard's Road, Northampton, who is accused of taking part in a gathering at an address in Main Road, Far Cotton, on November 9.

Andrew Painter, 53, of Main Road, Far Cotton, stands accused of participating in the same gathering.

Another man, Harry Sperling, 19, of Allen Road, Irthlingborough is charged with participating in an illegal gathering that took place at his home address on November 6.

Abdulmanaf Aqrawi, 50, of Topland Grove, Birmingham, is accused of being behind the counter of Dunya Shawarma - a Middle Eastern Restaurant in Wellingborough Road, Northampton - without a face mask on November 20.

Gharib Bani, 43, of Hawkestone Crescent, West Bromwich, will appear charged with being a Food Plus in Northampton without a face mask on November 25.

Matthew Crawford, 35, of Long Buckby, is said to have entered Aldi in Daventry without a mandatory face mask on November 1.

Simon Hussey, 57, from Exeter Road, Whimple, Exeter, is accused of being in Daventry without reasonable excuse on November 11.

Artem Kolosovs, 22, of Byfield Road, Northampton, is charged with participating in a gathering at a property in St James's Park Road, Northampton, on November 10.

Matthew Middleton, 38, of Wide Lane, Morley, Leeds, is charged with being in Northampton without a lawful reason on November 13.

Ionut Pandele, 22, of Cambria Crescent, Northampton, is accused of not wearing a face covering on a bus on October 22.

And Benjani Pap, 21, of Abington Avenue, Northampton has been charged with being in a vehicle with more than two people on December 17.

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