Elderly residents report phone scam

A number of elderly people across the county have received calls asking them for their bank details.

Police are now reminding people they should never give out their bank details to anyone claiming to be from their bank or claiming to be a police officer.

From the financial crime team DC Eleri Neale said: “Our message is a simple one – never give anyone who calls you your bank details, even if they claim to be from your bank or a police officer.

“Neither banks nor police officers call people to request their bank details, so you should not be afraid to say no and hang-up the phone.

“Likewise, banks do not send people out to visit people in their homes and if a police officer knocks at your door, you should always ask to see their warrant card before letting them in and giving them any personal information.

“If you think someone is a genuine caller, they will not be offended if you tell them you want to check they are who they say they are. Always make sure you hang-up the phone and check for a proper dialling tone before making a call or use a different phone to make the call.

“Never call the person back on the phone number they have given you, instead use a number you already have or, if it’s someone claiming to be a police officer, call 101. If you believe someone has called you and they are not genuine, please keep a record of the time of the call and request a contact phone number from the caller, which you can then pass on to police.”