Dog napping not rife in district

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POLICE have quashed rumours that a growing problem of dog napping is hitting villages in the district.

Reports had suggested that some dogs had been targeted by gangs which would then retrain them to become fighting dogs.

However the police has said this is not an issue they have been made aware of.

Paul Valentine, sergeant for the Daventry Rural Safer Community Team, said: “There have been no cases of dog napping in the Daventry district and there is no problems in this area.

“Across the entire county, there has only actually been two dog thefts since the start of the year but both were nothing to do with this issue.”

However, he is very keen to hear of any instances of dog fighting.

Sgt Valentine added: “We are again not aware of any instances where dogs have been trained to fight, but if there is anything like this going on then we want people to keep in touch.

“Dog owners are still being advised to take reasonable precautions.”

Any instances of this can be reported by calling the police on 101 or, alternatively, Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.