Crime study concerns

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PEOPLE living in and around the Daventry area are more likely to experience crime in their own homes than anyone else in England and Wales, according to a survey published last week.

However, one of the county’s top police officers has called into question the categorisation of crimes and stated that the British Crime Survey is not representative of the falling levels in the region.

Twenty one per cent of people surveyed in the county said they were the victim of at least one crime at their home in 2010-11 - the highest figure in the UK.

But Northamptonshire Police assistant chief constable Andy Frost said: “Where this survey talks about the real facts of crime there are some really positive results.

“And I think if they had asked ‘has your house been broken into?’ then I think you would have got a totally different answer.”

The survey figures also revealed overall crime across the county has fallen by 10.7 per cent during the year 2010-11, making Northamptonshire Police the force with the biggest percentage crime reduction in the UK.