‘CCTV not our responsibility’

SOME Daventry town councillors believe the authority should ‘wash its hands of CCTV’ rather than try and save it from the axe.

Daventry District Council (DDC) has said it will stop funding the town’s 35 cameras from April next year and wants other bodies to come forward and help with the costs.

Possibilities include the town council linking up with police and the Daventry Business Partnership to help save the £100,000-a-year scheme.

But at a town council meeting on Monday some members vented their anger about funding CCTV.

Cllr Maureen Luke said: “I think we should wash our hands of it and do nothing at all. If DDC don’t want it then why should we fund it?

“I think these cameras are needed but it’s disgusting on DDC’s part to pull the funding.”

Cllr Ron Pursey added: “I don’t understand why DDC haven’t come to us directly and asked for help. I don’t think we should get involved with this. If they aren’t prepared to fund it then why should we?”

Other councillors argued that they should continue negotiating and find out the exact details and costs involved in supporting CCTV in the town.

This proposal was carried forward and the town council will make its final decision on Monday, November 14.

Daventry District Council managing director Ian Vincent said: “The decision to stop funding CCTV is one of a number of difficult decisions that the council has had to make following the announcement of reduced funding.

“Officers at the council have been attempting to attract external funding for the service and this has included an approach to the town council.”

Daventry Business Partnership added it will ‘continue to work with others’ to help ensure CCTV is retained.’