CCTV is ‘a real must’ for town centre

KEEPING CCTV cameras switched on in the town centre is “essential” for Daventry’s future, shopkeepers and councillors believe.

In March this year Daventry District Council (DDC), which pays for all cameras at a cost of £100,00 per year, gave notice on its contract.

That means all 10 cameras in the town centre will be switched off in March 2012 unless alternative funding can be found.

And now Cllr Chris Over, who represents the town for DDC, has called for more to be done to save the cameras.

He said: “CCTV is not an expensive system and benefits all members of the community

“It makes the town a safe place to come and work so I’m hoping it won’t be turned off. During the chaos we saw nationally last week I think CCTV came into its own and this shows how important it can be.

“The town is going to grow and we need to make sure it’s safe. The Daventry Business Partnership, Daventry Town Council and Daventry District Council need to work together on this.

“I think it’s very important for our community. We have a CCTV network in the town so let’s not see it go to waste.”

Shopkeepers in the town agree that Daventry is a safer place to live and work with CCTV in place.

Peter Phillips, manager at Edison Electrical on the High Street, said: “I think it would be a great loss in the town if the cameras went.

“We had two break-ins before CCTV was installed and haven’t had anything since. It definitely has an impact and I think the fact that it’s just there stops people doing things they shouldn’t.”

Peter Harper, who owns three shops on Sheaf Street, added: “I think it’s essential that CCTV is retained and we need to find a way to fund it.”