CCTV handover set to get cash boost

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HANDING over the Daventry’s CCTV network to the town council is expected to get extra backing on Thursday night.

Daventry District Council, which currently owns and pays for the running of the network, will have its strategy group discuss plans to hand over all the cameras, cables and other hardwear to the town council for free, and also pay £15,000 to help set up the new monitoring room.

A year ago DDC said it could not longer afford what it was paying for the system and said it would withdraw funding unless other partners stepped in to help.

The committee report says: “It is suggested this is a pragmatic solution which enables CCTV coverage of Daventry town centre to be maintained whilst achieving the saving required.”

Daventry Town Council voted last month to take over responsibility for the camera network and to use a private company to monitor it.

The town council has already decided to charge residents of the town an extra £32,000 on the council tax to pay for the service.