Car dealer jailed after money scam

A ‘WHEELER DEALER’ who conned customers and friends out of thousands of pounds worth of second hand cars has been jailed for two years.

Charles White, 51, was arrested after police received numerous complaints about the undischarged bankrupt’s second-hand car business.

Money was handed over but the vehicles either never materialised or the money was never returned or only in part.

And when police raided his home in Crick they found an unlicensed double-barrel shotgun and two boxes of ammunition on the top of a wardrobe.

Amongst those who he conned was pro-hunt campaigner Otis Ferry, son of rock star Bryan Ferry.

White, of Fallowfields, Crick, pleaded guilty to false accounting, theft and possessing a shotgun and ammunition without certificates at Northampton Crown Court.

Rebecca Herbert, prosecuting, said White was a “wheeler dealer” declared bankrupt in 2007. She added: “It appears that since that time he has continued to buy and sell cars. It is perhaps due to the accumulative effect of the number of complaints that the police took action.”

Judge Lynn Tayton QC said: “You were an undischarged bankrupt but continued to trade by buying cars and other items.

“I accept that until you were arrested for offending, you were a hard-working individual, managing to support your family.

“However, you took money from people to buy cars which did not materialise, or agreed to sell them on their behalf and did not account for the proceeds of those sales.

David Everett, mitigating, said White had been “robbing Peter to pay Paul” when taking money for cars which he then used as working capital.