Cannabis plants in attic and garage of Daventry home

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Between £60,000 and £80,000 of cannabis has been uncovered in the attic and garage of a residential property in Daventry.

About 80 ripe plants, with an enormous estimated street value, were found by Daventry police officers when they raided an address in Shackleton Drive shortly after 9am on Tuesday, October 29.

Sgt Carol Fullerton, who led the raid, said: “We found this factory at the right time because the plants are really big, really ripe and just about to be harvested. The plants are very well established at three to four feet high and the whole of the loft has been taken up with them. It looks like it has been acting as a nursery.

“The garage is filled with the larger plants too with an estimated street value of up to £80,000.”

Sgt Fullerton said she believed the plants in the garage would have been growing there for roughly 90 days.

Daventry police are keen to encourage people to come forward with information about any other cannabis factories and to help them by being their ‘eyes and ears’ on the ground.

Sgt Fullerton said: “This house is just a normal suburban house, you wouldn’t necessarily suspect anything was happening here.

“We are trying to promote our message about giving information anonymously. There’s even a £1,000 reward if information is given through Crimestoppers.

“I think people are often scared to give out information if they have seen or smelt anything suspicious, but the information is always confidential, in 25 years Crimestoppers have never disclosed any,” Sgt Fullerton added.

No one was at the house during the raid and at the time of press no arrests had been made but police were hopeful one would be made shortly as the investigation continues.