Boyfriend who fired shotgun during ‘drunken rage’ at Northamptonshire home jailed for 20 months after pellets richoted into woman

Shaun Creasey NNL-141125-145818001
Shaun Creasey NNL-141125-145818001
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A man who caused significant injuries to his partner after he fired a shotgun at the ground in a “drunken rage” has been jailed for 20 months.

Shaun Creasey, aged 51, caused eight separate injuries to the thighs, back and shoulders of his partner after a shotgun pellet ricocheted off a concrete floor at a property in the village of Teeton, near Spratton, on June 22 this year.

Northampton Crown Court heard Creasey had been drinking at a bar a Spratton Football Club when he had been joined by his partner, who had met nine months earlier.

Lynsey Knott, prosecuting, said the pair had been involved in a disagreement after Creasey drank a glass of vodka and the woman had then returned home with a friend.

Creasey then drove back to the women’s property and went upstairs to collect his shotgun before telling her he was going out to do some shooting.

Ms Knott said the woman asked Creasey not to go out and he shouted a stream of abuse at her.

The court heard the woman had turned to go back in the house, about 10ft away from Creasey, when she felt pain in her back.

Ms Knott said: “The shotgun pellet ricocheted off the concrete floor and hit the complainant. She suffered eight injuries that required surgery and have caused permanent scarring.”

The woman’s elderly mother was also in the property at the time and further shots were heard.

She said: “The defendant then drove off through a hedge and into a field of Elephant grass causing an estimated £250 worth of damage.

“The shotgun was later found hidden in some hedges.”

Creasey pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm, possessing a firearm causing a fear of violence and criminal damage.

His Honour Judge Timothy Smith said Creasey was “clearly angry and had too much to drink” when he was in control of the shotgun.

He said: “The use of guns is something the courts must regard seriously. They are a weapon that can cause serious injury and death.

“You are lucky that a more serious injury was not caused to your partner.”

Creasey must pay the victim surcharge of £100. His shotgun licence has been removed.