Arrests made after break-ins

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HOMES and a shop in the Daventry district were targeted in a suspected burglary spree on Sunday night.

In Balliol Road, on Daventry’s Stefen Hill estate, burglars took a 42ins TV and car keys before driving off with a Jaguar.

At a house in Murfield Drive, offenders also stole car keys and made off with a Range Rover and a Skoda.

The same night in Woodford Halse burglars entered a house in Percy Road where they took a handbag. There was also an attempted burglary at a shop in Westerberg Square, on the Grange estate.

Sgt Sam Dobbs, who was involved in the investigation, told the Daventry Express: “It was a police officer’s nightmare to walk into the office on Monday morning and find the misery caused by the style and number of these burglaries, but nothing in comparison to the angst caused to the victims, some of whom were deeply distressed that their privacy had been violated so casually and so mindlessly.

“Daventry and CID officers worked tirelessly though over 48 hours, with immense help from witnesses and public, and with some great CCTV footage, to arrest the suspects who are now charged.

“Like my colleagues, I have nothing but contempt for this type of crime which ruins the sanctity of people’s homes.

“The learning point for us all is that these crimes were committed via insecurities.

“There is a lesson there for all of us to make burglars’ lives more difficult by locking our doors and hiding our car keys. In one of these cases, the burglary was committed within four minutes!

“Residents can continue to have trust and confidence that their police will bust a gut to ensure that their homes remain their castles.”

Police say two males and a female were arrested and charged in connection with the offences and made an initial appearance in Northampton Magistrates’ Court yesterday.