Crime family to pay £56k

The cannabis factory at East Haddon
The cannabis factory at East Haddon
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A family responsible for two cannabis farms in the Daventry district must pay back £56,000 of their criminal proceeds.

William Fury, William Fury Jnr, Joseph Fury and Daniel Stojanovic, all from Northampton, all pleaded guilty to cultivating the Class B drug at a farm in East Haddon and another cannabis factory in Nether Heyford.

At a hearing at Northampton Crown Court on Thursday last week, Judge Rupert Mayo, ordered the gang to pay back a total of £56, 052.

The total value of their criminal enterprise was estimated to be about £435, 757.

Detective Sergeant John Wooding, from the financial investigation unit at Northamptonshire Police, said: “This is yet another example of the financial investigation unit carrying out an in-depth inquiry into the finances of an organised crime group. They were involved in a large-scale supply of illegal drugs within Northamptonshire.

“Recovering money from criminals in Northamptonshire is a priority for us, working towards our goal of eradicating drugs. Offenders that make large sums of money can expect the police to use the powerful legislation of POCA to strip them of their assets and ensure the county becomes a safer place to live.”

They were sentenced to a total of more than 10 years. Forty-seven-year-old Fury from Southfield Avenue, Northamptonwas sentenced to three years and four months. William Fury Jnr, 26, and Joseph Fury, 32, both of Southfield Avenue, were sentenced to three years and two months each. Stojanovic of Rosebery Avenue in Northampton was sentenced to one year and six months.

During the investigation, officers discovered a sophisticated cannabis factory set-up, capable of producing over £1.2 million of cannabis per year.

William Fury Snr had his criminal activity valued at £188,938. A confiscation order was set by the judge at £56,032. He must pay this back within six months or receive a default sentence of 18 months in prison on top of his existing sentence. The confiscation funds recovered, 50 per cent goes to the Government. The remaining 50 per cent is split between the police, CPS and the courts.

William Fury Jnr has been ordered to pay £20.29 while both Joseph Fury and Stojanovic has a confiscation order of £1 as they had no assets. The value of their criminal activity was judged at £82,272 each.