Crick boy set to appear on BBC documentary

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A TEENAGER from the Daventry area who has undergone 190 operations is to be featured in a TV documentary.

Ollie Cartwright, who lives in Ashby Drive, Crick, was born with a rare condition that left the bones in his skull fused together, meaning they need breaking and re-setting regularly as he grows.

Now 13-year-old Ollie is to feature in an episode of a new three-part BBC Two documentary series.

The series focuses on the work of surgeons in the craniofacial unit at Oxford Children’s Hospital – one of only four in the country licensed to perform such complex procedures.

The programme follows Ollie and his family as the teenager has surgery to replace the ‘shunt’, or tube, which drains excess fluid from his brain into his stomach.

His mum Julia said: “The crew came to interview us to talk about the number of operations Ollie has had over the years.

“But then his shunt failed and he had to have an operation, which they filmed.

“He had bits of shunt sticking out of his head.

“I have seen the film – I was worried how I would feel. It was the first time I’d ever seen his operations, and I did watch some of it from behind a cushion.

“There were a few emotion bits for me but I just really got into the film.

“Watching these children bounce back from what they have to go through is just amazing.

Ollie, who is partially deaf and blind in one eye, was born with Pfieffer’s syndrome, and has spent his life in and out of hospital, enduring operations, anaesthetics, and bouts of meningitis.

Mrs Cartwright said: “We spent another Christmas in hospital in Oxford,

“Ollie’s doing well at the moment, but he’ll need operations until he’s 18, but as he said on the documentary, it’s just something he’s got to deal with.”

The as yet unnamed programme is expected to be shown on BBC Two in May.