Crashes lead to calls for action

THREE crashes on Braunston Road, Daventry – two of which resulted in injuries to young children – have led to calls for action over traffic.

On Friday a child was left lying in the road after being hurt in a hit and run at the pedestrian crossing.

A month ago today 10-year-old Oliver Roberts was hit while trying to cross Braunston Road outside his house.

His stepfather Paul Thompson said: “Oliver was just crossing the road and was hit. He was left with cuts all over his body, and a stone embedded into his skin which he’s still being treated for.

“Then more recently when he was going to hospital for treatment my wife Kay was just pulling away from the house with Oliver in the car when they were in a another head-on collision,” he added.

“Oliver was pretty outgoing before and confident crossing 
the road, but now he’s scared of cars and doesn’t like roads.

“With Oliver it wasn’t any one person’s fault, and in my wife’s crash the speed of the cars didn’t matter in determining who was at fault. But we get a huge volume of cars along this road, and a lot of them go too fast.

“People living along here were not happy about the situation so someone got in touch with Northamptonshire County Council, and asked whether someone had to die before anything would be done.

“And then on Friday I was walking down the road just after the accident, and when I saw that child lying motionless in the road with a blanket over them I thought the worst had happened.”

In this incident the young person was left with a leg broken in two places. The motorist drove off leaving the child in the road.

Mr Thompson said: “It was a boy, aged 10 to 12 I’d guess. He was just lying there with paramedics, and there was a wing mirror lying in the road, a big six-inch one with burgundy paint on.”

An NCC spokesman said: “The budget for casualty reduction work is not unlimited so has to be prioritised to achieve the best overall results for the county.

“All the roads in Northamptonshire are monitored for their accident record and those considered to be the most dangerous become ‘red routes’ which means they become a higher priority for casualty reduction work.”

Witnesses to the incident on Friday should contact police on 101.