Cracking down on dangerous drivers

PC Alan Percival and PC Paul Betts
PC Alan Percival and PC Paul Betts

Pictured here are Pc Alan Percival and Pc Paul Betts who appeared in the Daventry Express in 1990.

They were part of a team of local police officers showing off their new high tech equipment designed to catch dangerous drivers on the district’s roads.

Their motorbikes were part of a system which included an unmarked police car carrying the latest in technology – a camera mounted on the windscreen which recorded the driving of the vehicle in front and could even work out average speeds over a ‘short distance’.

The motorbikes and unmarked car were to be used on the A361, A5 and A45. Within just a short period on one of their first days in use, the police stopped a car that overtook on a blind bend and then monitored a vehicle recorded as doing 100mph.