Counting down to crucial elections

Elections are on May 22, 2014
Elections are on May 22, 2014

There will be a chance to have your say over the make up of Daventry District Council (DDC) when elections are held on Thursday next week.

Of the 36 seats on DDC, there will be 12 contested when the polls open on May 22.

There will also be elections for Daventry Town Council, parish councils across the district and European elections on the same day.

There are currently 28 Conservative councillors sitting on DDC, with five coming from Labour, two from the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and one from the Liberal Democrats.

However, this could change as there will be seats contested on the Abbey North, Abbey South, Drayton and Hill wards in Daventry.

There will also be seats contested on the Brixworth, Long Buckby, Moulton, Spratton, Weedon, Welford, Woodford Halse and Yelvertoft wards.

All of the seats to be contested are currently occupied by the Conservatives except for one each from Labour and UKIP.

There will be 42 different candidates from the four parties which currently have councillors sitting on DDC.

Putting themselves forward for election alongside them will be a candidate each from the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition and one independent candidate.

All 17 seats on Daventry Town Council have been up for election although only four of the seven wards will hold elections.

The seats on Abbey Central, Ashby Fields and Hill will be uncontested but the seats to represent Abbey North, Abbey South, Daneholme and Drayton will be contested on May 22.

People can vote between 7am and 10pm at their local polling station which is on the back of their voting card.

For a full list of the candidates standing for Daventry District Council and Daventry Town Council, visit