Councillors to head out on the beat with police in village

BRIXWORTH Parish Councillors are to go out on patrol following a meeting held between police and the parish council to help dispel perceptions of crime and anti social behaviour.

Following concerns about crime in Brixworth, Daventry Chief Inspector Paul Valentine decided that it was important to meet directly with the councillors to understand their concerns and explain what crime levels were actually like and what the SCT were doing in the area.

Councillors had raised concerns that there was low level cannabis use in the village and a perception that anti-social behaviour was a problem.

Chief Inspector Paul Valentine, said: “These issues were rightly raised to us by the parish councillors and I felt that we needed to meet with them so that we could improve understanding of how safe Brixworth really is.

“We were able to explain crime figures and how once the detail of crimes is looked at, often they relate to very low level incidents or disputes between private individuals.

“It was a very productive meeting and we came to an agreement that the councillors would come out on patrol to see first hand what happens and how we deal with incidents in Brixworth.

“The meeting helped to dispels perceptions and I’m sure the councillors felt more reassured following the meeting.

“Going forward we will also meet more regularly with the Chair of the Parish council, instead of just monthly meetings, so that concerns or issues about the village can be raised to us and we can keep Brixworth the safe village that it is.”