Councillors back £10 million driverless car bid

One of the Google driverless cars
One of the Google driverless cars

District councillors have backed Daventry bidding for a £10 million pilot for driverless cars.

On Thursday, January 16, DDC’s strategy group recommended they bid for the Government project, announced in the Chancellors’s Autumn Statement.

Officers said the bid would require no money from DDC, and very little of officers’ time.

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Deputy chief executive Simon Bovey said: “To me it, if we’re successful in the bid, great – we get the test project; if we’re unsuccessful then we’ve still shown that Daventry district is open to new ideas and investment.”

Although the Government has not said how it will judge bids, or exactly what it will entail, the council says it does not expect the £10 million to be given to the council, rather the Government or the organisation it picks to run the trial, will spend it.

The driverless cars to be used haven’t yet been chosen. But like the Google car pictured, they all run on normal roads among standard traffic. Unlike the town’s previous pod/PRT project, these cars do not require any special infrastructure or separate routes to run along.