Councillor leaves Labour for Tories

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A Labour councillor has crossed the chamber to become a member of Daventry Districts Council’s Conservative party.

Councillor David James, elected to represent the Abbey North ward in 2012, said he had been considering his decision to become a Conservative for quite some time.

He said: “I haven’t been happy with the Labour Party nationally since the general election. I believe the current leadership of the party and course it has embarked upon is somewhere I don’t want to go and I don’t believe it will be good for the country.”

Cllr James said his reasons for crossing the floor were due to the two principal issues of the economy and Europe.

He said: “I am a euro sceptic and I believe there are only two parties that offer the UK a say on Europe and it boils down to who has the most realistic chance.”

He added that his decision was a personal one and not one he believes will have a great impact on local voters.

He said: “ National politics shouldn’t really be brought into the local council chamber. I do what’s best for the people of Daventry and district as I have always done.

“I will be making my decisions in the same way I have done before.”

DDC’s labour party leader Cllr Wendy Randall was unsurprised by Cllr James’ defection.

She said: “We have had some concerns regarding David’s loyalty to the Labour Party and the people who elected him for a while.

“David voted against the motions we put forward for the bedroom tax and the living wage. Therefore he would not have been selected as a labour candidate again.”

Leader of DDC’s Conservative party, Cllr Chris Millar, said he was delighted to welcome Cllr James as a new member. He said: “David is a very good councillor who has plenty of common sense. He comes across as a nice, sensible guy with a lot to give. I am very happy to welcome him as a conservative.”