Council wants to know the opinions of Daventry district residents

DDC's offices
DDC's offices

Residents are being asked what they think of the area in which they live as well as their opinions on the services provided by Daventry District Council (DDC).

DDC says its Residents’ Survey aims to capture people’s views on a range of subjects, to help the council establish future priorities and improve its services.

There are questions covering what people like and dislike about the areas in which they live, how safe people feel, what their priorities are for the district and what they think of DDC’s services and objectives.

Questionnaires have been posted to 2,500 homes across the district chosen at random and other residents are invited to fill in the survey online at

Councillor Wayne Howard, access and communications portfolio holder at Daventry District Council, said: “The survey will hopefully give us an insight into what residents think of Daventry district, as well as their opinions on the services and aims of this council.

“We want to find out how people’s perceptions of the district and the Council have changed over time, as well as identifying any areas where we might be falling short of expectations. This will help us to shape future priorities towards our overall goal of developing a better district.

“I would urge residents to fill in the survey. We are listening, so please share your opinions with us so that we can work together to further improve Daventry District as a place to live, work and prosper.”

Residents can request a paper copy of the survey by phoning 01327 871100 or by visiting the council offices, in Lodge Road, Daventry. The deadline to complete the survey is 5pm on Wednesday, December 21.