Council throws out plans for Woodford Halse homes

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Villagers have said they will not rest on their laurels despite seeing plans for new homes turned down.

Plans for 55 new homes on land off Farndon Road in Woodford Halse were turned down last week.

The planning committee of Daventry District Council threw out the proposal by Davidsons Developments, going against recommendations from officers.

Councillors refused the application due to the scale of the site and that it was located beyond the existing confines of the village.

Davidsons had previously proposed a similar scheme which was also thrown out last year.

The application has caused plenty of controversy in the village with Woodford-cum-Membris Parish Council objecting to the plans as well as neighbouring Byfield Parish Council. There were also concerns raised by the residents of Woodford Halse.

One of the residents, Alison Bolton, who’s home would have backed on to the proposed site, said: “There were no changes that Davidsons made between the two applications.

“We are obviously very pleased the application has been turned down but we are not going to rest as we are wary there will be further battles to fight as Davidsons launched an appeal against the first application.

“If these homes had been given the go-ahead, then we would have had the view of lovely green fields spoilt and, while I know we have no given right to those views, it is a shame.

“There are a lot of people who will accuse us of being NIMBYs but there are far wider concerns we have about the extra traffic that is going to go through the village, we have got some concerns about drainage and there are problems with flooding.

“There has already been two separate applications given the go-ahead, one for 200 homes, another for 44 homes. Any more houses is going to put additional pressure on the problems with traffic and drainage. If you look at how the village has grown over the last 2o years, it is frightening.”