Council tax bills sent to district’s homes

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This year’s council tax bills have arrived on door mats across the Daventry district, with everyone seeing an increase in their annual charge.

Council tax bills are made up of precepts charged by Northamptonshire County Council, the district council, police, and in certain areas, charges from parishes and special charges – usually for services carried out by DDC but which would normally be a parish cost.

This year NCC and Northamptonshire Police said they would be freezing their council tax again.

However, Daventry District Council said it would put in place a two per cent rise in its part of the bill – equivalent to an extra £2.41 per year for the average Band D home.

Previously DDC leader, Chris Millar, said: “The Government has offered local authorities a grant if they freeze their tax next year. However, that amount does not cover the amount we would lose.

“Being so lean now there is little chance to make the necessary savings for another freeze without affecting front-line services.”

In total a Band D home in Daventry will pay £1,428.22. The highest bills will be in West Haddon – £1,451.17. The lowest bills are £1,344.29 in villages without a parish precept, including Althorp, Fawsley, and Canons Ashby.