Council tax bills rise

Daventry residents opening their new council tax bills this week will have noticed they will be paying 13.4 per cent

The council has increased its budget from £289,260 to £328,810 this year, meaning that every household in the town will have to pay more.

The other authorities have all limited their increases to 1.99 per cent.

Deborah Jewel, clerk to Daventry Town Council, said: “The work the town council does is expanding and we’re taking on new services like CCTV in the town centre.

“Daventry District Council is also not passing on funding from government for CCTV or youth services and others. Which means we have to get everything from council tax.

“Our budget has gone up by £39,550, but the extra CCTV service alone costs £48,600. We’re also coming to the end of the three-year Christmas lights contract, so that will be another £40,000 to £50,000.

“We’ve also found that as other councils reduce or stop giving grants that we’re being approached for money. Last year we gave money to the Phoenix Centre, Daventry Community Association, Time2Talk, and the new skate park.”

On Facebook, Daventry Express reader Alan Powell said: “That money should go to pay policemen to patrol at night time, when they are needed. Cameras do not prevent a crime. They only watch one. Then it is too late, the deed is done.”

Another pointed out Newnham Parish Council’s charge had gone up 35 per cent on top of an 18 per cent increase last year.