Council steps up efforts to get people registered to vote

Daventry District Council Offices
Daventry District Council Offices

Efforts are stepping up this month to ensure that people living across Daventry district have registered to vote in time for May’s general and local elections.

Canvassers from Daventry District Council are currently out and about visiting residents across the District who have not yet registered under the new Individual Electoral Registration (IER) system, which was introduced nationally last summer.

Even if people do not wish to vote, they must still register by law or they could face an £80 fine. Not being registered to vote can also affect credit scores, as the register of electors is often used to verify a person’s existence and for credit referencing purposes to counteract fraud.

The electoral canvassing, which takes place every year, is a follow-up to registration letters sent to households by the Council. To be able to vote, people living in Daventry District need to ensure they have registered on the electoral register by April 20, 2015.

Ian Vincent, Daventry District Council’s Electoral Registration Officer, said: “Our canvassers are currently out and about visiting properties to speak to those residents who have not yet registered under the new IER system. If someone’s not at home then they leave a calling card with further details on how to register.

“Local politics affects everyone in our everyday lives, so it’s important to be able to have your say. If you don’t register to vote then you have no voice at election time.”

Residents can register online at or can request a form by calling the Council on 01327 871100.