Council puts brakes on pod plans

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DAVENTRY District Council (DDC) has told the Gusher it will not be pursuing plans to build a pod network in the town.

Despite revealing at a European transport conference last week that pods were the preferred option to “solve the town’s transport problems” DDC has now said it will be looking into the possibility of bringing cyber buses to the town.

The buses, known as group rapid transit (GRT), do not require a driver and travel ‘on demand’ in specially built lanes.

The council says this makes them more attractive, energy efficient and much cheaper than pods.

The Daventry Express has received dozens of letters from readers after Simon Bowers, the council’s corporate manager for development and property, revealed that building a pod network in Daventry would cost around £85 million.

But DDC said this week: “The council is not pursuing a PRT (pod) system because of the level of costs and in response to the concerns that have already been expressed by residents on the subject.

“A GRT system would be preferable. GRT uses small automated electric minibuses, which travel on demand.

“GRT systems are also cheaper to run than buses because only one or two staff are needed for six or more vehicles, and they utilise existing roadways.”

See this week’s Daventry Express for more on the issue.