Council pledges support to new home bid for health and rehabilitation trust in Daventry

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A bid to find a new home for a health and rehabilitation trust has won the backing of councillors, after Daventry District Council pledged to help in any way it can.

Reach for Health, which is the operating name of Daventry Health Rehabilitation Trust, provides health rehabilitation for people who have suffered a major health trauma or are living with long-term or life-long illness.

With 2,400 user visits per month, demand is as high as ever on its facilities, but the current building in High March is old, expensive to maintain and will soon prove too small.

And with plans to expand their cardio rehab and stroke programmes which are carried out in conjunction with Northampton General Hospital, the search for a new home is very much needed.

The trust has already reached agreement on the potential location of a new building located on the north east corner of the Daventry & District Sports Trust site in Western Avenue.

Now councillors have backed a motion from Conservative council leader Chris Millar and Cllr Richard Auger, which they say will provide a ‘sustainable future for the future health and wellbeing for our residents’.

The motion calls on council officers to ‘report back to the next strategy group on options available to the council, conducting due diligence checks as usual, to help achieve the completion of this new centre by July 2020’.

Cllr Auger said: “I don’t think there’s any greater thing we can do than help those greatest in need, and the team down there do it with great passion. Meeting some of the individuals benefiting from it was very humbling.”

Cllr Millar added: “This council may only be two years more, and this might be a good footnote for us to give benefits to residents for years to come.”