Council makes recycling easier for district’s residents

Recycling food waste just became a lot easier as households in the Daventry District and Northampton can now use surplus plastic bags to line their food waste caddies.

The food waste collection service was introduced in 2012 to reduce the amount of non-recycled waste that is sent to landfill and use it to create fertilizer and green electricity instead.

Until today householders wishing to line their caddies have been advised to use either biodegradable bags or newspaper.

However, following successful negotiations with Fernbrook Bio, which operates the plant that processes food waste for Northampton and Daventry, householders can now put spare supermarket-type plastic bags to good use. Over-size bags, including black plastic bin bags cannot be used, however.

The plastic liners are separated from the food as part of the process and sent away to be recycled, making sure that the process is environmentally friendly at every step.

Environment portfolio holder for DDC cllr Daniel Cribbin said: “We hope this move will make it easier for more people in our district to use the weekly food recycling service.

“By using any surplus plastic bags to line their caddies, they will be recycled instead of otherwise being discarded in the black bin and ending up in landfill.”

Cabinet Member for the environment from Northampton Borough Council cllr Mike Hallam said: “It’s good news for any would-be food waste recyclers. We know that up to 40 per cent of the weight of black bins can be food-related, which is why we decided to introduce the weekly food waste collection service alongside your dry recycling collections.

“We know that a lot of people would like to use the service, but are put off by the thought of the mess or the cost of biodegradable bags. The good news is that from today you can use your supermarket plastic bags in your food waste caddy.

“Doing so is a win-win. It makes is more convenient for householders and because the used bags are recycled, it’s putting the thin plastic bags to good use.”

John Farrell, Partnership Director for Enterprise, which operates waste and recycling collections on behalf of NBC and DDC said: “The introduction of plastic bags for food caddies is a great step forward in terms of recycling in Daventry District and Northampton. By making it easier and more affordable we hope that it will encourage more households in the area to recycle their food waste.”

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