Council could face £100,000 bill if controversial housing plans are turned down

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DDC could face a bill of more than £100,000 if its own planning committee turns down a controversial homes project.

Daventry District Council says it wants to build 45 homes on a plot (site 10) on the Middlemore estate originally put aside for a school

The new homes would be owned by the council, and the majority rented out at commercial rates.

Campaigners against the homes discovered DDC has already spent £57,295 on developing plans for the site.

And now the council has revealed to the Daventry Express it is liable to pay its contractors up to £103,779.28 if its own planning committee does not approve the scheme.

Tamlyn Coleman, from the residents’ group, said: “It’s ridiculous that the council has spent taxpayers’ money, and could be liable for much more, on this project.”

For the full story see today’s (Thursday) Daventry Express.