Council cash cuts prompt latest petition

Labour petition against goverment cuts, Bowen Square, Daventry.
Labour petition against goverment cuts, Bowen Square, Daventry.

David Cameron could be seen in Daventry’s Bowen Square on Saturday – at least in cardboard form.

Representatives from the local Labour Party were out and about in the town drumming up support for their petition against planned cuts to Daventry District Council’s grant.

The Government announced an average 2.9 per cent cut in the cash it gives to local authorities. However, Conservative-led DDC has been told its grant will be cut by 13.8 per cent in April.

Wendy Randall leads the opposition Labour group on the district council.

She said: “Although the Government announced a 2.9 per cent cut, it’s clearly not the same cut for every council.

“We set up in Bowen Square to tell people about the cuts to the district council. Many people weren’t aware at all.

“We collected signatures and most people were happy to sign up to it.

“People could also post their own messages on David Cameron himself – even several children did, and it’s good to see them showing an interest in politics.”

DDC has faced cuts in its funding from central government for several years now.

This year will not take the Government’s payout for freezing council tax, instead putting it up by two per cent. Councillors said they simply could not afford the freeze in the longer term.

Cllr Randall said: “These cuts will affect people. They will hit services, and these are the type of services needed by those who are most vulnerable.

“I also sit on the town council. We see many groups coming to the town council for funding, who in the past would have got it from the district.

“We can’t say no as these are services people need, but that could fold if they don’t get the money they’re asking for.

“That means the district council can look good by keeping its tax down, but the town council ends up having to find more money through taxation.”