Consultation over future bus road on Daventry estate

Chris Long pictured with the Middlemore busway
Chris Long pictured with the Middlemore busway

Residents and businesses are being asked whether they support the conversion of a busway in Daventry into a general purpose road.

Daventry District Council (DDC) constructed the main roads on the Middlemore estate, and is now carrying out completion works so that they can be adopted and maintained by Northamptonshire County Council.

One of these roads is a busway linking Middlemore to the Heartlands Business Park.

The road was constructed just wide enough for a bus to travel in one direction because it was originally designed for buses, cycles and construction vehicles only.

The short link has always been sign-posted as for buses only, however a large number of people use it as an informal route in and out of the estate.

Now the Middlemore Residents’ Association has asked for it to be widened and converted into a general purpose road.

Former district councillor Chris Long helped residents campaign for the busway to become an official road.

He pointed out that closing the busway to cars and vans would leave Middlemore with only one official route in and out from the roundabout on the A361. Should there be a problem that closed that roundabout, residents would not be able to enter or leave the estate in their vehicles, nor could emergency vehicles access the estate.

DDC is now considering whether to apply for planning permission to widen the bus route and made it into a general purpose road. The council wants to hear the views of the 
local community and businesses before making a decision.

Questionnaires have been sent out to local businesses and residents in the area.

People can also find out more and have their say at or phone 01327 871100 to request a paper copy.

The deadline for responses is Tuesday, August 30