Concerns over noise silenced after meeting

RESIDENTS’ worries over an application which could have seen round the clock noise have been quelled after a meeting.

A change of use application submitted by The Tannen Group in London was given permission which will see three units based at Sopwith Way, Daventry used for storage and distribution rather than general industrial.

It was determined by the Daventry Planning Commmittee of the West Northamptonshire Development Corporation on Tuesday night.

There had been concerns submitted by residents of Highlands Drive, which backs onto the units, that the warehouses could have been operational 24 hours a day all days of the week.

The committee decided to impose a condition which limited noise between 8pm and 8am which means residents should be less disturbed by any activities on site.

Committee member Alan Hills said: “We decided on the condition because of the concerns raised by the residents about noise.

“We obviously want to encourage people and businesses to bring jobs to the area but we have to have regard for the residents and the effect it would have had on their lives.”

The news has been welcomed by people who had feared the worst.

Richard Kenworthy, of Highlands Drive, said: “We would have had a repeat of problems we had with another unit on Sopwith Way which was operating 24 hours.

“We would probably have looked to move if this had gone against us and I don’t particularly want to move as it is a nice area. Some of my neighbours have said similar things as the impact on our lives could have been huge.”

Jason Allibone said: “I think our main concern is the noise from the site.

“As it has been given the go ahead, it will be one of those things. We will just have to grin and bare it.”

The Tannen Group has said that as part of the application, a 3.5-metre-high acoustic fence must be installed in an attempt to screen the noise.

Daventry District Council ward member Gloria Edwards-Davidson, who had been fighting on behalf of the residents, said: “I was happy with the outcome and the fact that the acoustics will be looked at and that a fence will be installed.

“The fact we’ve got these rules enforced before a tenant comes in is great because we know how difficult it is to change things afterwards.”