Concerns are raised over child services

Opposition leaders have expressed concerns over Northamptonshire County Council’s plan to move some children’s services to libraries.

During a meeting last week, Labour and Lib Dem councillors protested the decision to re-allocate general advice services to libraries on the grounds that they were “not appropriate” locations.

The move came as the Conservative council aims to improve the “inadequate” rating given by Oftsed to the quality of children’s care in the county by putting more focus on the provision of early care for children.

The portfolio holder for children’s services and education, Heather Smith, said: “We are re-organising the way our children’s centre services are delivered to ensure we have a consistent and effective approach to protecting young children and giving them the best start in life.

“Our libraries will become the default local venue for non-specialist services such as registration and advice, while the children’s centres will focus on targeted support for families in need of extra help and expertise.”