Concern over lower age for sheltered housing in the Daventry area

Daventry and District Housing
Daventry and District Housing

The district’s main social housing association has denied a new policy could limit the availability of sheltered housing to older residents.

Fears have been raised that the lower age criteria for Daventry and District Housing’s (DDH) sheltered housing could mean people as young as 45 moving into them for the rest of their life, limiting the numbers available for the over-60s.

However, DDH says that although it is allowing younger people to stay in the accommodation, it is typically used only for a couple of months for recuperation to relieve pressure on hospitals and other services, and not occupied on a permanent basis.

A DDH spokesman said: “The sheltered accommodation provided by Daventry and District Housing remains primarily for people aged 60 and above.

“However, applications are considered from people of a younger age if their individual circumstances make them suitable for sheltered accommodation.

“An example of this could be a disabled or vulnerable person that needs extra support to live independently.

“DDH has also worked with the NHS to provide accommodation within the sheltered schemes for people recuperating from hospital treatment that are temporarily unable to return home. This has contributed to more hospital beds being available for other patients.

“As well as ensuring more local people can find appropriate, affordable and secure accommodation, this increased flexibility prevents properties from laying vacant for a significant amount of time, lessening the impact of a decreasing demand for sheltered properties from people aged 60 and above.

“Members of our dedicated independent living services team visit each of the seven sheltered schemes on a daily basis, between Monday to Friday, to ensure that the individual needs of each resident are being met and to help people to live as independently as possible.”