Concern after latest homes plan for village

Residents in Nether Heyford have been left angry after plans were revealed for 100 homes in the village.

Gladman Developments is asking for people’s views on the homes to be situated off Weedon Lane.

The plans have provoked strong reactions from the local community with many stating the facilities in Nether Heyford would struggle to cope.

The chairman of the parish council, Charles Kiloh, said: “Generally speaking a limited newbuild development would be welcome, but local control is vital.

“This would mean a 12.5 per cent increase in the village size of which only 40 per cent will be affordable housing.

“In our view this is too large a development, which could overwhelm existing facilities, such as Bliss Charity School, sewage, and drainage.

“Traffic flow on the Weedon Road, the frequency of large goods vehicles and a dangerous bend at the Weedon Road entrance to the village would make egress/exit from this proposed development a hazardous procedure.”

He also said a public meeting was likely to be called.

County councillor for the area Joan Kirkbride said: “This is a large development for our village and I will be listening to the views of the residents and the parish council.

“As far as infrastructure is concerned we have just extended our village school to meet the need now without the increase in numbers 100 houses would bring.”

To see the plans or give your views, email or visit