Compensation for woman injured after falling down stairs at airport

A HOLIDAYMAKER who fell headfirst down stairs as she made her way onto a flight has received thousands of pounds in compensation.

Sheila Gilling, 69, from Badby, received £28,000 from Thomson Airways who settled out of court following the accident on faulty stairs at Birmingham International Airport in September 2008.

Mrs Gilling was forced to take nine months off work after suffering a dislocated shoulder, torn hamstring and post traumatic stress disorder, and had to cancel the holiday to Lanzarote with her husband.

After first being turned down by a ‘no win, no fee’ solicitor, Mrs Gilling went to her trade union, the GMB, to use its legal services provided by Thompsons Solicitors.

Mrs Gilling said: “I was devastated when the first solicitor I approached turned down my claim. I knew the accident wasn’t my fault but they said they couldn’t win.

“In the end the GMB said their lawyers would take it on and I’m so glad I followed their advice and I’m absolutely delighted with the result achieved.”

Mrs Gilling’s accident happened when she used temporary stairs between the boarding gate and the plane.

The stairs had not been properly connected and the steps and handrail were wet due to a leak in the roof.

Martyn Gywther, from Thompsons Solicitors, added: “It is only right that she is compensated not only for her pain and suffering but for the time she missed at work and also the holiday which she had to abandon.”