Company seeks amendments to its permanent truck stop plans on Daventry 'A' road

The proposed development is situated at the junction of the A14 and A5199
The proposed development is situated at the junction of the A14 and A5199

The applicant for a permanent truck stop on a Daventry ‘A’ road has sought to make amendments to its previously approved proposal.

The site, at the junction of the A14 and A5199 in between Welford and Thornby, already benefits from planning approval for a roadside service facility and this permission was kept alive by plans to construct a roundabout for access to the truck stop.

The approved development allowed for a single storey drive thru, fuel pumps, a Formula 1 Motel, 43 space lorry park, a 70 bed Travel Lodge and an amenity building with 142 parking spaces.

However, the applicant - Euro Garages Ltd - wants to amend the proposal to include two drive-thru buildings (one for fast food, the other for coffee) with 53 spaces, an HGV fuelling area, an 82 space HGV parking lot, and a smaller, two-storey 40-bed hotel.

The buildings approved previously were primarily shallow pitched roof buildings of brick and render construction. Under the current submission, the buildings are more modern in design and appearance but incorporate traditional and modern materials in the construction.

Among the Thornby and Cold Ashby parish council complaints submitted to the planning committee are concerns over light and noise pollution, an increase in litter and rubbish as a result of the drive-thrus on site, as well as worries over the designs of the building which, they point out, will occupy a predominantly rural area of the county.

Thornby Parish residents were also concerned about the impact an increase in HGVs on small roads.

Their comments read: "There is very little mention in the application of the likely or possible impact of this development on the small, existing local villages in this part of Northamptonshire.

"Thornby is a prime example with a population of around 128 people that is sited across the already very heavily used A5199 but there are others such as Welford, Naseby and Cold Ashby.

"The volume of traffic, with all its attendant issues linked to it, such as speeding, litter, road wear, oversize lorries on narrow roads and noise, are increasing annually especially at peak times or when there are issues on the motorways and dual carriageways."

The planning committee's report concluded: “Having had regard to the provisions of the development plan and other material considerations which are relevant to the proposed development and conditions now proposed it is considered that the proposal represents a sustainable form of development that can be supported on planning grounds.”