Community ground forces

Residents of Chichester Close
Residents of Chichester Close

A group of residents on a Daventry estate have worked hard to turn a tiny patch of waste ground into a community garden.

Brian Farrow and his fellow residents of Chichester Close on the Southbrook got fed up with the fence at the bottom of their road that was covered in weeds and being repeatedly broken.

Mr Farrow said: “No one seemed to know who was responsible for the fence – Daventry District Council or Daventry & District Housing.

“We just got fed up with it, so we replaced it with a raised bed.

“It serves the same purpose and is about the same height but it looks better. And people don’t jump or climb on it, unlike the fence.

“All the residents of the close have got involved in planting it.

“The children have put seeds in. We’ve got flowers, chives, parsley, carrots, radishes and some potatoes have just gone in.

“The children love it as they can taste the vegetables and it teaches them about growing things.

“People walking past have stopped to talk to us about it, so it’s bringing people together. It also encourages people to take more care of their surroundings. It would be great if it inspired other people in the town to improve their areas in a similar way.

“Imagine walking along a path and it having beds like this full of flowers and vegetables along the edge, or if the council allowed planters to be put on pavements where they won’t get in the way.”