Community figure passes away

Barrie Thompson
Barrie Thompson

A pillar of the Daventry community has died.

Barrie Thompson, aged 77, passed away at Northampton General Hospital on Saturday, following a stroke two years ago.

Mr Thompson was well known around Daventry after spending his life working in the area, and then for his work with various community groups and projects over the years.

His daughter Helen said: “My father was well known and well liked in the area.

“He worked in Daventry for all his working life, and at Rugby and Northampton cattle markets.

“He was a very gentle person and loved to sing. He was part of Daventry Choral Society and Braunston Church. He was also involved in a contest to find the best local musicians.

“He was also a member of the Rotary Club of Daventry, serving as its president at one time, and through that was involved in many community projects.”

As a member of the Rotary Club, Mr Thompson worked on all manner of projects, from competitions to inspire local young people and projects to improve health awareness, to fundraising to help needy people around the world.